How To Use A Laptop With A Teleprompter

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Teleprompters have been around for a very long time. Since about 1940, to be exact. To this day, Teleprompters are used at News Stations, concerts, and live speeches. Not to mention that Presidents use them and so much more.

A teleprompter is known as an autocue. A mirror prompts the speaker with a script or a speech. Before teleprompters were a thing, speakers would use cue cards. This required constantly looking down, which isn’t a good look on anyone. Using a teleprompter allows the reader to keep eye contact with the audience. This is great with a camera or a live audience. We use Teleprompters for our video making!

A teleprompter consists of many parts. The main parts being the mirror, monitor, and camera. The mirror is what makes the words reflect, making them easier to read.

The magic happens in the mirror. This is a teleprompter mirror, which is also known as a beamsplitter mirror. This has a transparent mirror coating. So that it reflects while transmitting light at the same time. Below the mirror is your display. This can be an iPad or a laptop, either works just as well. The script or speech is normally white text with a black background.

The mirror is then placed at a 45% angle with the display below. The text is then reflected up onto the glass for the speaker to read.

Though, the text that is being reflected onto the glass is backward. This is where teleprompter software comes in handy. The software then flips your text so you can read it correctly on the glass.

When the script is up on the screen, it shines towards the glass. Since the teleprompter mirror is reflective, the light is reflected off of the mirror. Then the text is right in front of your eyes for you to read.

Why use a teleprompter?

A teleprompter helps you remember your lines. As well as all the important information in your speech. It allows you to plan out exactly what you want to say before going live. Teleprompters also prevent painful mistakes that slow you down. These mistakes tend to distract you from your message.

How to use a laptop with your Teleprompter

Most teleprompters you see, use an iPad or a Laptop. We have all seen the teleprompters with the big boxes below the glass. The laptop makes it easier to edit your lines. The screen is larger so you can see what you are saying a little better than using an iPad.

To use a laptop, you will need a laptop tray. You can purchase these practically anywhere, but I go to Amazon.

Using a laptop with a teleprompter is super easy to achieve. You will need to place your glass at a 45% angle. Then place your laptop on your tray and point it towards the glass. You may want to stand in your place to find the best angle to see the script perfectly.

The Teleprompter I have and love is from our Teleprompter Mirror. I spent a long time trying to find the best one, and we have the best quality.

A Presidential Teleprompter is used for delivering speeches, remembering your lines, and maintaining direct eye contact with your audience. This is easy to do with the included teleprompter software, which displays text off a laptop or monitor onto the transparent beamsplitter mirror. In addition to stage use, a presidential teleprompter is also used for recording through the glass when making videos. Simply mount a camera behind it, attach the black shroud, and your Presidential Teleprompter becomes a professional recording studio. To see how it works, check out our videos below and our YouTube channel where we’ve used it to record hundreds of videos.

You may be wondering why I chose our exact system. Allow me to explain:

The Features:

Heavy-duty stand and clip prevents tipping

Instant assembly and disassembly

14" x 14" Optical Grade Beamsplitter Mirror

Custom size glass available

Works great with large display 26+

The removable tray fits 10" to 24" tablets, laptops, and monitors

Free teleprompter software included

Adjustable Height up to 8 ft.

Adjustable glass angle

Guaranteed Quality

In stock, immediate shipping

Expert customer support

What I like most about the Presidential Teleprompter is it only takes about two or two to place everything together. This is great if you’re in a rush!

DIY Presidential Teleprompter:

(Links to Amazon)

Free Teleprompter Software

My go-to software is this free teleprompter software. Not only is it free, but it’s simply a browser. You just open it up in your browser and launch it. This is compatible with Mac, iPad, Windows, Android, Linus, and Chrome. What I like the best about it is that you don’t have to download anything!

The features are amazing too! You can change:

  • Font Color
  • Font Size
  • The Margin
  • The background-color
  • Instructions
  • Mirror Flip the text
  • Vertical Flip
  • Open file straight from the browser
  • And save your scripts!

This is just as good, even better, than some of the software I have paid for.

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