How to establish clear and concise content while keeping your viewers entertained!

Have you ever wanted to write a script, but you don’t know how or where to begin with it? I will explain a vast amount of techniques, tips, and tricks for writing your next script.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about my life as a YouTube Content Creator.

Making videos for YouTube is always rough at first. You have no followers, likes, and really no clue on how to even begin to build your channel.

After reading, researching, and learning about all of the techniques out there and what works best I finally reached my goal…

First surface mirror DIY

What is a Front Surface Mirror?

A “front” surface mirror is the exact same as a “first” surface mirror. The two terms are used interchangeably. It is a mirror with the optical coating on the front surface rather than the back surface of the glass. The coating on a standard mirror creates a double reflection. A front surface mirror has the coating on the front side, but also has a standard mirror on the opposite side.

The non-mirror coated side is like a standard mirror. On this side you can see a slight ghost of the reflection. The other side is the mirror coated side —…

Photograph your next Event!

Don’t you LOVE it when you go somewhere and there’s a photo booth! All of the props that fill you with joy, and being able to capture memories with your friends and family!

But then… you realize how expensive renting a photo booth can be!

Now it’s time to get crafty and creative and build your own photo booth!

Creating your own mirror photo booth will be cheaper than renting or buying on pre-made. Also, you will get to keep it forever, and style it however you would like!

Step 1: Build Your Frame

The frame will hold the display you…

Mirror Illusions that Trick the Brain

Mirror illusions have always been a unique type of entertainment. They leave your mind both amazed and full of questions. They are illusions where an artist incorporates a mirror to provide a unique effect. Whether it’s turning an object upside-down, making someone look taller or shorter, or immersing yourself into infinity!

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions is a museum that has various illusions within it. Most of the illusions involve mirrors, and you can even turn yourself into a Kaleidoscope. Museum of Illusions also has a True Mirror! A true Mirror allows you to view yourself…

5 Different Properties of Glass for Your Projects

There are many technical and physical properties of glass. The following information will discuss the thermal, optical, chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties of glass. Knowing the different properties of glass will be effective when starting your next project.

The five main properties of glass:

  • Thermal
  • Optical
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical

Thermal Properties

Why is it important to know about the temperatures of glass? When temperate in glass changes dramatically, the glass can easily break and shatter. Also, the temperature is an important factor when creating the glass.

Thermal properties are used to strengthen the glass as well. …

Different Types of Finished Edges on Glass

There are many types of glass edgework:

  • Seamed
  • Polished
  • Beveled

Glass edgework is the process of sanding the edges of the glass to finish the piece.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider different types of glass edgework.

For example: if you want a decorative piece of glass to display throughout your home, then you would want either polished or beveled edges.

Having the glass polished or beveled on the ends makes a difference! …

Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Ikea, and More!

Photo by Charis Gegelman on Unsplash

Mirror hacks are blowing up around the world right now. You’ve seen them on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and so many more. A mirror hack can consist of making a cheap mirror look expensive. Plus turning an old mirror into a one-of-a-kind mirror and more!

In this post, I will go through a few mirror transformations to completely change your mirror. These hacks will consist of Dollar Tree, Home Depot, Ikea, for a budget-friendly option.

Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art Decor Tutorial

Video by: Bargain Bethany

In this video, Bethany goes to a dollar tree and spends $4! She purchases framed mirrors, heavy-duty glue, and begins her project…

Bring science to life with items found at home!

Sometimes, we simply have to make our own entertainment! Here is a list of science projects I have created to do at home or in the classroom!

True Mirror


What is a True Mirror? A True Mirror is a device that contains two mirrors at a 90 degree angle. The purpose of a true mirror is to allow you to see yourself the way people see you.

How does it work? When you look into a mirror you see a backwards reflection. …

Build a workout smart mirror that hangs on your wall

Making your own Gym Smart Mirror

This post will show and explain how you can add a smart mirror to your gym. This lets you watch tv and your workouts — straight through the Mirror. A Gym Workout Mirror!

This is like the viral Mirror, the Gym Smart Mirror. The only difference being that this one a DIY and A LOT cheaper.

You will be able to tune into Netflix, YouTube, and your favorite fitness shows. Any other channels are available with the built-in Samsung QLED TV. Unlike other gym smart mirrors, you’re not restricted to subscription services. Not even a custom operating system.

One of…

Save money with this method

Presidential Teleprompter

Teleprompters have been around for a very long time. Since about 1940, to be exact. To this day, Teleprompters are used at News Stations, concerts, and live speeches. Not to mention that Presidents use them and so much more.

A teleprompter is known as an autocue. A mirror prompts the speaker with a script or a speech. Before teleprompters were a thing, speakers would use cue cards. This required constantly looking down, which isn’t a good look on anyone. Using a teleprompter allows the reader to keep eye contact with the audience. This is great…

Two Way Mirrors

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